Do you want to discover how the Professionals produce & market Promotional videos?

Why might this be important to you if your business is anything but video production? 

Because according to network giants Cisco Systems, Internet video will account for 79% of global Internet traffic by 2020
a fourfold increase over the previous five years.  For businesses in particular, Internet video traffic will represent 66% of traffic in that category by 2020, up from 44% in 2015.

Our FREE 150-page E-book will give you all the insights you need in order to help you more effectively incorporate video presentations into your marketing campaigns.  Maybe you're looking for tips & ideas?  Would a new product video increase ROI, or a ‘Meet The Team’ presentation, a ‘History of’, a zany, catchy viral video, or even a Video Blog where you seek to engage and build multi-dimensional relationships with your customers over the long term?

Our FREE 150-page E-book will help you appreciate why a good script, professional lighting and especially clean & crisp audio make all the difference.  Understand the workflow: concept, script, pre-production, production, editing, uploading to the web and optimisation
that is, targeting quality, self-qualified prospects with your message, and beat the competition with your overall higher production values.   Knowing all these factors will help us help you attain better results.

Our FREE 150-page E-book is a compendium of countless hours of our hard sweat and labour, experience in the field it takes years to acquire.  We offer it to you
for freebecause the future of Online Promotional Video is here.  Simply fill in the quick & easy form below, and we will send it to you as fast as the Internet can deliver.


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