The Avenue Motion Picture Company Limited

Editing, it is time consuming, laborious, precise, and magical.  It’s magical because this is the part of the filmmaking process when the vision we have all been working towards at last takes shape and the story unfolds.  Scripting is essential, because essentially you’re describing what you intend to film, while explicitly discarding ideas beforehand that you realise might seem good but ultimately don’t resonate with your specified goal.  Filming correctly is essential, because you can only edit with what’s ‘in the can’.  This had better be all the required shots to tell your story, and all correctly exposed.  And don’t forget good quality sound.  Editing is essential, because it is the ‘coming together’ of the envisioned story.  Here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we use the film & TV standard editing system: Avid Media Composer.  World renowned for its rock-solid stability and the ease of use of its editing functions, it is the editing system by which all the others measure themselves.  High-end special effects are achieved & incorporated via third-party systems and plug-ins, and managing all of this is a breeze.  Editing is all about workflows, vision and inspiration.
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