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Theories behind Creativity
“The Secret Miracle” by Jorge Luis Borges
A study of mainstream Cyberpunk films of the 1980s, by director Andrew J. Holden.  The film uses the structure of literary theorist Northrop Frye to describe common, repeating stories in Western culture, focusing on American film industry portrayals of race, gender and government.
Online resource for script writers
Everyone in the biz has read Robert McKee’s “Story”.  Rightly so, it’s a breeze.
“Because modern education is not designed to produce literate people.  It is designed to produce programmable people.”  For Venkatesh Rao, Ribbonfarm’s creator, literacy is not about reading and writing, but condensing and unpacking, in order that ideas of universal importance may transmit across vast centuries and cultures.  Here you will find information-dense blogs with titles such as The Gervais Principle, The Mysteries of Money, Towards an Appreciative View of Technology, Be Slightly Evil, Rediscovering Literacy, Glimpses of a Cryptic God, The Guerilla Guide To Social Business, et al.  The richness of the writing will inspire you.
“Smile though your heart is aching...”
Video essays: Method acting, framerates, editing, history & science of colour film, sound recording, green screen, colour temperature, psychology of horror, screenplay formats, aspect ratio, et al
The geeks create new versions of popular Sci-Fi movies
The definitive list
Online resource for screenwriters
The Avenue Motion Picture Company Limited