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1.  Seven Powerful Reasons to Consider a Personalised Video
3.  Animated Graphics
7.  Go For It !
6.  Justifying Your Investment
5. Presenting On-Camera
4.  Structuring Your Message
2.  Perception is Everythingour Titling service
According to network giants Cisco Systems, Internet video will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020.  If you’re not doing it already, then now is the time to consider a Personalised Video as part of your marketing collateral.

1. Seven Powerful Reasons
There are seven powerful reasons why you may wish to consider Personalised Videos
whether you are self-employed, looking for employment, or already work in a corporate marketing environment.  One, according to network giants Cisco Systems, Internet video will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020.  This is a fourfold increase since 2015.  Two, people buy from people and video allows you to add a more human touch to the information your buyers are seeking regarding your products and services.  Put simply, video boosts sales.  Three, video builds trust.  And added to this trust is the reality that engaging and educating your customers before you do speak to them, face to face or over the phone, makes for a far more substantial first contact between buyer and seller.  Four, Googlewhich owns YouTubeloves Video.  You get an added boost to your search rankings on Google, and if your video is an engaging one, then YouTubewhich effectively is the world’s second largest search enginewill promote it.  Five, video appeals to mobile users.  The trend in 2019 is clear: anywhere between 60-70% of all internet traffic these days is viewed via a mobile device, and this share is increasing all the time.  Six, video encourages social shares.  So once you have put together a clear message with solid video production values, those who do find your video useful will share it with others of similar needs.  Seven, with all of this said it is self-evident that video offers great Return on Investment.  Here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we specialise in personalised videos, and we can offer you a “one-stop shop” solution at a reasonable cost.  Take a look at our “Part 2” video to this one, to give you examples of what your personalised videos could look like.

2. Perception is Everything
Hi.  How you doing?  I’m a professional, and I’m going to tell you about the professional services I offer that can make or save your business money.  Look closely at this picture; it is lit by one extra light.  And listen carefully to the sound
not just the sound of my voice, but the overall sound.  In only a few short years smart phones have come such a long way, and for free you can film and put something out therelike thiswith the hope that you can attract more business online 24/7.  So, you are professional in what you do?  And we are professionals in what we dowhich is making you look and sound good.  Shall we start again?  Hi.  How you doing?  I’m a professional and instantly I look and sound more professional.  Here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we have many years’ experience in filmmaking, our services also include screenwriting and copywriting.  More on this in a future video; though for now just know that we know how to script your marketing message.  So what is this all about?  It is perception.  Perception is counts for so, so much.  According to network giants Cisco Systems, Internet video will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020.  If you’re to take advantage of thiseither on your website or YouTube channel - then so will many of your peers and competitors.  So, we have demonstrated that high production values & perception is a vital component of your overall message.  We can take this to the next level.  Let’s go Hollywood-style: let’s go green screen.  Hi.  How you doing?  I’m a professional, and I can even bring you my well-crafted marketing message from on the moonor here in a theatreor we’re at a partywherever your imagination takes you.  We can have lots of fun with this, put you anywhere you want, anywhere you feel is appropriate.  It’s not about style over substance.  It’s about style & substance.  In future videos in this series on Personalised Videos we shall be discussing how we at The Avenue Motion Picture Company, as part of the service we provide, help you structure your marketing messagealso, how we coach you into giving your best performance on-camera.  For now, hopefully, we have demonstrated the need to be professional in what you do, and professional in how you present this to the world.

3. Animated Graphics
Here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we produce videos for our clients that are creative, visually appealing, perform the correct function, and all-round represent great value for money.  Here goes: One
“Educate.”  Two“Entertain.”  Three“Sell.”  The graphics you have just seen are a clean and effective way of not only emphasising your message, but also bringing more visual punch to your presentation, that is whether you’re looking for a Personalised Video, or you’re representing your company as experts and thought-leaders in a particular industry.  And there many, many, many different styles of titles and graphics that we can offer you.  Coming next in this collection of short videos, we will be looking at the very heart of the service we provide to you: how we here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company help you structure your message into a viable script to be filmed.

4. Structuring Your Message
You’re a marketing consultant, you’re a plumber, an accountant, electrician, dietician, property manager, a horse riding instructor.  You could be something hyper-specialised and people always are taken aback when you say, “I’m a professional ear cleaner.”  However you put food on the table
providing for you and your loved onesyou know your business better than anyone.  And now you’re here, watching this video, thinking about having your own Personalised Videothat is, a professional presentation enabling you to sell yourself online, highly effectively, 24/7.  In the copywriting and screenwriting professions there are structures for both sales and storytelling, and here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we utilise our skills to help you.  All we ask in the first instance is for you to jot down about half a pageagain, no one knows your business better than you.  PLEASE NOTE: we are not expecting you to be all Shakespeare; just get your ideas down on paper.  Then our task here is to take your initial draft, firm it up, build some structureand we work with you all the waythen we sprinkle a little magic dust - rhythm, vibrancy, something you can read on-camera while maintaining a relaxed and professional posture.  Coming up next: getting you to give a great performance on-camera.

5. Presenting On-Camera
Time and time again, survey after survey, they all highlight that most people’s number one fear is not death, bereavement, divorce or bankruptcy
it is public speaking.  I am a trained public speaker, and I can tell you that when you stand before a crowd and the energy of innumerable eyeballs are all beaming at you, you do experience a little freezing of sortsmaybe like a rabbit in headlights.  Still, once you’re warmed up and speaking from memory there is a good level of fluidity to your presentation.  Right now, though, I’m reading off the autocue, and hopefully I remain professional, forthright and friendly.  The function of the autocue is to enable the on-camera performer to deliver complex yet concise messages without having to rely on memory.  This is where we aim to get you when we are filming your Personalised Video.  I will be on the other side of the camera directing youassessing your natural strengths and weaknessdialling down the downsidesand dialling up your innate capacities to shine.  After all, you want your potential customers to want to contact you anytime 24/7, which all of today’s technology working in harmony can achieve for you.  This is the overall purpose of a Personalised Video, and here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company our task is to deliver exactly this for you.

6. Justifying Your Investment In A Personalised Video
By now you’re wondering, “How much is all this going to cost?”  Before we come to this
and the level of investment is more than reasonablethere are two aspects we would like you to bear in mind.  By 2019 something like between 70-80% of all web traffic will be Internet Video, and this frames both these aspects.  The first aspect is: What is it worth to you?  You get a 1-to-3-minute video, professionally produced, that you can host on your website or on your YouTube channel, for you then to distribute out to the world in a simple web-link.  Those potential customers who then contact you are pre-qualified, self-qualified leads.  Your video puts a face to a name in a highly personable & efficient manner as you convey your professional passions.  The second aspect is: What skills, talent and equipment go into providing you with this excellent Personalised Video?  Here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we take great pride in supplying you with the video you need to get you more business.  We help craft your message, and when you are with us in the studio we coach you into giving a great, on-camera performance, and all in the clearest, cleanest High Definition.  Afterwards, we colour-correct the footage, tweak the audio, add the appropriate high-end graphics to give your presentation even more visual punch, book-end the edit with titles, and deliver the final product to you only after you give final approval.  All this for a one-off, inexpensive payment of only...  Personalised Videos for Professionals, brought to you by the professionals.

7. Go For It !
Hi, my name is Daniel, and I want to say a great, big, warm thank you for clicking on the link and watching this short video presentation.  We are The Avenue Motion Picture Company, and we offer Personalised Videos for Professionals at very affordable prices.  Hopefully, your first impression is a good one: the opening graphics are catchy, fun and bright, the picture quality excellent, the sound of my voice is clean & clear, and the bullet-points coming in from the side emphasise the overall sales & marketing message that could be your sales & marketing message.  Someone did once ask me, “What is the purpose of a CV?”  To get a face-to-face interview.  “And what is the purpose of Page 1 of a CV?”  To get the recruiter to want to turn to Page 2.  We can break this down another way: “What is the purpose of a Personalised Video?”  To create a short, friendly presentation that reaches your potential customers 24/7
displayed on your website, YouTube channel, pinged over as a link in an email, and even displayed at trade showsthe overall aim being to get them intrigued enough to want to contact you because your products & services are just what they need at this moment in time.  None of this is new; but what is new is our pricing: we offer professional production values that even solo enterprises can take advantage of.  According to network giants Cisco Systems, Internet video will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020; so if you’re not doing it already, then now is the time to consider a Personalised Video as part of your marketing collateral.  If you are interested to know more then there are six other short videos in this series each dedicated to a different aspect of the production process.  Most relevant, I will guess, is how we work with you to develop a short script suitable to your sales & marketing needs, plus how we here get a great performance out of you when filming you.  So please feel free to check us out and Contact Us via our website.  What are you waiting for?  This is 21st century marketing, 24/7.  Go for it!