The Avenue Motion Picture Company Limited

There are two key elements to the production process.  Editing is pulling your footage into a short, sharp & sweet final presentation, and we do discuss this in another video in this series.  The first key element is filming, getting the footage ‘in the can’.  Here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we have the technology to bring all this home.  We have the latest camera, microphone, lighting set-up in a fantastic studio location, and we have the best editing system used by film & TV professionals.  Even more important is the experience we bring with us the moment we first walk in the door.  All the pre-production planning done, the most important aspect then is that during the shoot we focus on getting you relaxed in front of the camera for an ace interview.  People buy from people.  And whether you’re a manufacturer or service provider, either way you’re really a service provider
and we both want you at your best as you present yourself on-camera to your customers.  The video technology used, and the workflow necessary to obtaining the right result, all serve this primary aim.
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