The Avenue Motion Picture Company Limited

Hello, and a big, warm welcome to our Services section.  If you drill down on the website menu, you will find specific videos on a particular process, like scripting or editing.  In this short video here, we just want take a brief moment to introduce ourselves.  We are The Avenue Motion Picture Company, and our goal is to become the East Midlands’ premier video outfit.  There is myself
Danielplus a core staff of four others, and between us, collectively, we have over 100 years experience in London’s thriving media sector.  This comprises film, TV, corporate work, animated graphics, publishing, online, voice-over work, and major sports events photography.  We are also film buffs, and I’d like to think decent people.  So, you’re looking for a video of some sort, and you want to hire a company who not only can deliver this, but even before filming begins we will work with you to understand the message you wish to convey, the methods of distributing your this, and to which audience?  Each profession & tradefrom barrister to carpenterhas its own lingo, and in the sum of our experiences we speak the language of sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, project management, media strategy, scripting, plus a whole variety of technical skills & creative vision that deliver the final video to you: the client.  We are professionals who pay great attention to the details, on-time and on-budget.  Thank you for watching this short video, and enjoy the following short videos in this series where we go into things in a bit more detail.